Nightmare (small stone#3)


Nightmare (small stone#3)

I wake, skin prickling with pinpoints of sweat, heart hammering and my breath coming in ragged gulps. I peel back the covers, let the heat out, and immediately cold night air sends me shivering back under the duvet. I focus on my breathing first, slowing it enough to stop the panic that is threatening to take me over. I close my eyes again, letting the dream play back, examining it closely, trying to understand what might have been real and what the product of stress and fear. Slowly, I let go and drift back into an uneasy sleep, still vigilant against the return of nightmares, waiting for morning light to send them scurrying back into the dark hole of my subconscious.


6 thoughts on “Nightmare (small stone#3)

  1. I have missed you… and this morning had some time to wander awhile with your thoughts… there are always distractions… it is hard to stay focused on what is needed for my soul to be fulfilled… today will be different… I will listen better to the whispers of my heart… I thank you for you today as I feel the gentle tug of your authentic self…

    • That is very kind of you, Diane. It is indeed hard to stay focussed. I am very unfocussed at the moment, distracted. Writing these daily snippets seems to help a tiny bit.

  2. I can see how your inner wisdom made this nightmare experience more manageable. Love the ending. I could picture the nightmares scurrying away (good word choice by the way, too.)

    • Thank you Jade. I suffer with nightmares quite frequently and have done my best to understand and study them and learn from what they have to offer me.

  3. You’ve depicted it so vividly and expressively …

    By the way I often have nightmares too. They do have a lot to say about us and they are an unmistakable symptom of a restless mind.


    • Thank you.
      I think sometimes my mind is more than merely restless and more tormented. I also think that the recent onslaught of chemicals has made an impact on the severity of them too.

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