Rose Lemonade


Rose lemonade


The blush betrays that is not ordinary lemonade; the faintest of pink tones, like the start of sunset, tinge the liquid and create curiosity. The scent is of lemons, lying in the sun, in a rose garden in full bloom. Tiny bubbles burst one by one as they rise to the surface, minute popping below the level of most ears. The first sip brings surprise; an enigma of taste that is instantly pleasing and refreshing. Cool and cloudy, the drink is softly acid, and transforms from something mundane into something strangely exotic by the simple addition of roses.


7 thoughts on “Rose Lemonade

  1. rose lemonade?
    I have heard of rose water in one of my favorite books:
    The Day of Amehd’s Secret

    It is a childrens book but I love it.
    ….A man sells rose water on the street.

    I will make some rose lemonade sometime and think of you and Amehd 🙂

    Just want to let you know that I am always here but my phone doesnt always post my comments.


    • The rose lemonade is a commercial one made by Fentimans, who make a very fiery ginger beer too. My daughter bought me some for when I got out of hospital on Sunday because I’d missed New Year and can’t touch alcohol while I am still on these antibiotics. Rose water I use on my face, sometimes. It’s very good dabbed on when you have a fever.
      It’s lovely to know you’re there, Mark.

  2. I like rosewater. Crabtree & Evelyn used to make a lovely, simple one. I once had an Indian rice pudding delicately flavored with rosewater and I thought it was delightful.

  3. Viv, you possess the talent to transform something mundane into something exotic and curious simply by writing about it.

    My country Bulgaria is a producer of rosewater and rose oil which are widely used in cosmetics. We have a region called The Valley of Roses where there are vast rose plantations. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve been told picking up rose petals is a tough job which has to be done in the very early morning hours before the dew has evaporated in the strong sun.

    • Thank you.
      I am a bit of a connoiseur of essential oils and have a fair bit of know how about their uses and their extraction and rose oil is one of the best oils to use for treating depression and anxiety, and also treating women’s health problems. I have also been aware that Bulgaria is one of the very best producers of the oils. I want to write a meditation using roses, or rose oil, as I have for other scents but I shall wait till rose time in June.
      I’d love to see the rose fields in full bloom one day and sample the absolutes and the hydrasols(the rosewaters) in situ.

  4. Fentiman’s rose lemonade is just heavenly (their orange jigger is gorgeous too, as are all their others). We spent a fortnight in Bulgaria a few years ago and drove through its famous valley of the roses – the rose water you can get there is just incredible

    • I’d love to visit Bulgaria and buy real rose oil and rosewater too.
      It was the Fentiman’s I tried; my daughter got me some to enjoy while I was still ill.
      I’m a big fan of their stuff, the cola is wonderful.

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