Black and white, white and black #smallstone 5


Black and white, white and black


In the untrimmed grass around a young tree, a black and white cat crouches, half-filling the circle around the slender trunk with fur fluffed out against the cold. Intent green eyes watch a magpie some ten yards away but the bird has turned and is unconcerned, stretching her wings and making a threatening chatter.

From the other side of the metal fence, I stand for a moment and watch. The cat seems to be poised to pounce.

Not a chance, mate,” I say and walk on.

The cat’s eyes lose focus on the magpie and follow me as I disappear. He knows I am right; but this is only a game and all three of us know it.


4 thoughts on “Black and white, white and black #smallstone 5

    • I think this one was bowing to the inevitable!
      We’ve had cats for many years, and they’ve always hunted. We had a fabulously intelligent cat, Watson, who was an unstoppable ratter, which was useful where we lived at the time, because the area was overrun with rats. I didn’t appreciate him bringing them in live though.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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