Eagle feather haikus #smallstone 7


Eagle feather haikus #small stone 7


Haiku #1

Whisper-soft tendrils

Link seamlessly together

brown, beige and cream


Haiku #2

Velvet soft strength

Curving gently from shaft

Silent in flight


Haiku #3

Dead weight of guilt

Carrying such a gift home

I am no eagle.



2 thoughts on “Eagle feather haikus #smallstone 7

  1. Oh I do love the last one.

    this is a Joni Mitchell favorite of mine:

    “Snakes along the railroad tracks.”
    He says, “Eagles in jet trails …”
    He says, “Coils around feathers and talons on scales …
    Gravel under the belly plates …”
    He says, “Wind in the Wings …”
    He says, “Big bird dragging its tail in the dust …
    Snake kite flying on a string.”

    Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter

    I was not much of an eagle today but I did seem to drag my tail in the dust 🙂

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