Thaw #smallstone 13


Thaw #smallstone 13


It’s still not warm but the change is still startling. I can sit in an unheated house, without needing two jumpers and feeling my fingers become chilled. I walked in the garden without wishing I had put a coat on. The ambient indoor temperature is comfortable even without the heating on.

On windowsills, sprouting bulbs in pots lean towards the light, yearning for the touch of sun. The green shoots of snowdrops shine with vibrant life. Hyacinth flowers still unopened seem paused for breath, and on the dining room table, oblivious of outside conditions, my jasmine plant opens bloom after starry bloom and fills the room with waves of exotic scent, making me think of Mediterranean gardens on summer nights.

It may be a temporary thing, but it might be enough to get me through to Candle-mas and the start of springtime.

4 thoughts on “Thaw #smallstone 13

  1. Oh, I really love the way you describe the flowers – “paused for breath,” “opens bloom after starry bloom.”

    And I’m jealous, ’cause I’m freezing and this is the 4th day of being cooped up and iced in. Dear Husband is getting a neighbor with 4 wheel drive to take him to the grocery store. Snow never sticks so long in Georgia. Never.


  2. Wait with the patience of Simeon and the perseverance of Anna. 🙂

    ( I had to look up Candlemas and I feel cheated because I had to)

    I love our winters but we are having someone else’s winter this is still very cold.
    I am waiting with the patience of Job

    ‘S wife.



    • Over here it is sometimes referred to as Imbolc, or Olmelk, as the old pagan fesitval where the first ewe’s milk came through. It’s also dedicated to St Bride.


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