Waking #smallstone 14



Somewhere inside
A clock goes “tick”
And I stagger
Up the shores of sleep
Draped in weeds
And shreds of dreams
To face the day
Rubbing my eyes
And wondering:
Where have I been?

10 thoughts on “Waking #smallstone 14

  1. I love the images of lines 3 through 6. I thought of the movie the swamp thing, but also knew exactly the feeling as that’s how I wake up: “Draped in weeds and shreds of dreams”. Lovely.


  2. Beautiful

    My dreams have been blah lately.
    No vivid colors or music and it doesn’t take long to figure them out.
    Well, it is better than having any of my recurring dreams so I shouldn’t complain.


    • I’ve been having a fight with sleep lately too, having to take pills to get to sleep. Worry, anxiety and depression seem to be getting to me right now too, perhaps the aftermath of having been so ill.
      Sweet dreams!!


  3. The image gets better and better and more and more poetic. How gorgeous.
    Btw, sleep: I had a problem with it too when I was in the depression pit. My friends at night [when I finally learned just to get up] were solitaire and a carb of some sort. I went back to bed after 45 minutes and could usually catch three or four hours sleep. I didn’t find much help from sleeping pills but Benedryl [not sure what that comes under in your neck of the woods – might be the same] anti-allergy tablets work a treat. Good luck with that. I do know what it’s like.
    Think green thoughts – they have to make you smile, especially when they involve your green list.


    • Thanks Margo.
      I have become an expert of everyone else’s sleep issues but every time I kind of get a handle on my own, something morphs and becomes something different. Part of the issue is an overactive mind that refuses to settle, despite just about every trick in the book(I could write the damned book too).
      I tell myself that this, too, will pass.


  4. I empathize with the “Where have I been?” At times when I’m awakened by a black cat that pounds at my window so I can let him in. He stands on a pedestal table draped with towels until I give his dripping fur a thorough toweling.

    Come to think of it – I may be wishing myself back into wherever I’ve been!


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