Why? #smallstone 15

Why do dead leaves leap into the road, impersonating small birds or rodents? They skitter across like small wild creatures lost in frantic escape from unseen predators.

It’s always puzzled me. And in the spring, they move like toads or frogs migrating to ancestral ponds, making driving along certain roads an emotional nightmare as they hop erratically across the road.

I am doomed to be a pedestrian for fear of careless killings.

9 thoughts on “Why? #smallstone 15

  1. This reminds me of your recent living tree post (as I recall it) and visually takes me to the films of the Lord of the Rings.
    Opting for pedestrianism feels drastic if very prudent – can you kill leaves that are already dead?! Good news re book club venture, looks like April!
    Karin x


    • It’s more that I hate the idea of running over a little creature. In my driving career I have run over several creatures, and have been unbearably upset about each time. The stoat I ran over was unharmed and gave me what for when I came back to pick it up, but the squirrel I hit with my half ton landrover was very dead. There is a road near Swaffham where the toads cross, and at a certain time of year it is paved with squashed toads. I can’t drive that road. Mind you, I seldom ever drive anyway.
      Fabulous news about the book club; a nice lift at the end of a stressful and moody week.


  2. I have felt the same way before. I have driven, gasped and once swerved because I though some leaves blowing were a small animal. It is an emotional nightmare.

    Yes walking and public transportation would be a solution to this.


    • I walk as much as I can and take buses and trains but inevitably one has to travel by car.
      I’ve never hit anything big but that would freak me out. I’ve worked with badgers in the wild and they are the world’s worst at the Green Cross Code.
      Nice to see you here.


  3. Yes, I’ve swerved, heart lurching, to avoid a leaf masquerading as a small creature so many times!

    Lovely blog, I’ve enjoyed looking around. I think this is my favourite part of the ‘stones’ project, discovering all sorts of wonderful people. It’s a very beautiful thing.

    Sam x


    • Thank you Sam.
      I’ve done a little visiting but not as much as I’d like, having been ill and now depressed as a result. It is a delight to have such kind visitors, though.


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