Headache #smallstone 17

Left of central, pounding in the temples. Pain spreading across scalp, down neck. Stomach sour, rising to nausea. Vision blurring, lights dancing in fairylike patterns. Jaw clenching, mouth dry, eyes gritty with invisible sand. Base of skull tight, pain travelling down spine. Dizzy from pain killers, I stagger to bathroom, retching slightly. Floor cold; I notice the crack in the tiles. Pillow soft, smelling of lavender. I close itchy eyes and wait for sleep.

8 thoughts on “Headache #smallstone 17

  1. Except that mine go right, I was reading my migraines. Hope the stuff you take is as good and as speedy as the stuff my doctor gave me for them. Other than you are suffering, it’s a great piece of description particularly “Floor cold; I notice the crack in the tiles “.


  2. Viv,

    Not like you to not post for a four days. Just checking to see if you’re better and to say I’ve missed reading your words.



    • Just to reassure you, Janell, I was away on retreat and have been slow in returning to usual habits.
      thank you for you kindness and concern.
      More to follow, soon.


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