To Lie or Not To Lie? The ethics and philosophy of lying

I don’t usually bother with quizzes but this one piqued my interest:

It’s from the Open University and very interesting. I’d be curious to hear which philosopher my readers most closely resembled: for the record, I came out as Aristotle.

Those who at this point launch into Monty Python’s Philosopher’s Song have won my heart forever and a day… unless you are lucky enough to already have my heart,  in which case, sing it anyway!


Edit for those who are NOT familiar with the song, so that they may learn wisdom:

8 thoughts on “To Lie or Not To Lie? The ethics and philosophy of lying

  1. But, of course…Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
    Who could think you under the table. David Hume could out-consume Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel…I know that’s not quite the beginning but it’s the four lines my feeble brain hangs onto as well as, Socrates is permanently pissed!

    And, I am Aristotle, too.


    • Joh Stewart Mill of his own free will on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.
      Rene Decartes was a drunken fart, I drink therefore I am.
      and SooooooCrates…is a lovely little thinker but a bugger when he’s pissed.
      Oh Margo, I love you!!
      I remember playing this once at a party where half the guests were studying theology and/or philosophy and Paddy insisted we play it 8 times so he could learn the words! I alas do not remember all the words in their rightful order, but have immense respect for the writers of the song who were so clever…


    • I have a dim memory of some of my students pulling the I am Spartacus move once, but I might have dreamed it. Guaranteed to win my heart: I do love a hopeless gesture of nobility.


  2. great post Viv!

    I was Aristotle but I like much of Kant as well,that ole stick in the mud.

    Honestly: I think that if the commentator’s eyes would have been the same size she would have been much prettier .
    I loved the disconnected limbo feeling from these sorts of things,how sometimes their mouths move like fish.
    Mr Bentham looked “stuffed” to me.



  3. Wonderful quiz that souldipper brought to my attention. Thanks for posting.

    Kant and I matched 4 out of 4 answers.
    Aristotle and I matched 2 out of 4 answers.

    Bentham and I have completely different views of the world.


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