Maths Is Not My Strong Point (Final #smallstone)


Maths is not my strong point (Final #smallstone)


   Wrestling with figures knocks points off my IQ and makes me feel intensely blonde without ever going near a hairdresser or bottle of bleach. I stare manically at my expenses form and tell myself I can do it. My calculator has vanished somewhere under my desk and I panic and do the numbers on a post-it note and find myself ten Euros short. Panic. How can I have lost ten Euros? Same way I lost my glasses going up the Eiffel tower ~ sheer inattention and stress. Try again, using the calculator on the computer and magically the missing money reappears. I breath again, and count the remaining cash. It matches.

There are guardian angels that watch over people like me. I even got my glasses back, unharmed. We can’t be good at everything and maths is never going to be one of my strengths.

(ps. I am a natural blonde.)

5 thoughts on “Maths Is Not My Strong Point (Final #smallstone)

  1. I think we are sisters somewhere. This could be me, so my laugh was one of ruefulness and commiseration. I shall miss you and the small stones but will continue to follow your blog. Take care.


  2. Working in Finance and not wanting to get bored, I one day realized that all numbers tell stories. The tell the story of a day, a week, a month or a year. That may seem bizarre, but they became a friendly challenge instead of cold, demanding, “balance or else” digits.


  3. ha ha… me too… mathmatically challenged! i think it also has something to do with not being able to read a map! however, a single number on it’s own is a thing of beauty!


  4. Viv, I’m a brunette, but I struggle with math every day (and you know my Day Job! Thank God for technology!). Hey, not everyone’s a scientist! We’re artists, creative people, why should we bother with numbers? 😉


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