Just words

(For the record, this is an old poem. I feel like this intermittently, often daily, but for my lovely friends out there, I should say there is no cause for concern. Sometimes words are just words. Sometimes words seem to be magical and hold power and other times they are flat, merely bricks in building communication)

Just words


No one listens to me.

But then I have nothing to say

I have not said a thousand times before.

I’m dying for someone to hear

My silent screams

And offer help.

I’m searching for the words:

The right words

The magic words.

They’re just words;

They hold no power

To save or damn me.

Just words: no more.


5 thoughts on “Just words

    • I’ve posted “depressive poems” before and have had people being very concerned about my current state of mind. It’s not good right now but it has been much worse.
      Like the key thing but a simple accident of lines.


  1. there is this amazing song by Brian Eno.
    for a long time I ignored the words as if they were just another instrument then one day I heard them:

    All the Clouds Turn to Words
    All the Words Float in Sequence
    No One Knows What They Mean
    Everyone Just Ignores Them

    Refrain (Sung Simultaneously With Above Verse)

    Mau Mau Starter Ching Ching Dad Da
    Daughter Daughter Dumpling Data
    Pack and Pick the Ping Pong Starter
    Carter Carter Go Get Carter
    Open Stick and Delphic Doldrums
    Open Click and Quantum Data.

    SKy Saw

    Sometimes everyone does seem to ignore them.

    HEy now get a grip. DONT JUMP!!!!!
    just funnin

    this too will pass 🙂


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