Black Dog


Black Dog

Hunt me down then,

Stalk me, track me,

Pin me down and corner me,

Pursue and torment me.

I’ll fear your shadow

Even in noonday sun;

Scrape of claw on stone,

Fetid breath, panting tongue.

The silent nights

When I wait to hear

The footsteps on the stair,

And know you’re there.

Black dog, you worry me.


13 thoughts on “Black Dog

  1. love that “scrape of claw on stone” so perfect in so many ways.
    He has been busy on both sides of the Atlantic this week.

    Long as he’s worrying you it’s okay.
    When you start feeding him, on purpose , thats where the trouble starts. 🙂


    I was thinking of Elton Johns “border song” today it came to me because I was dwelling on the “scammed “thing.
    The song is about a totally different subject but much of it fits your situation.

    what do you think about a written story illustrated by aerial photographs ( crucial areas highlighted for clarity)


    • Worrying has two meanings; the obvious one, and the less obvious one of grabbing by the throat and shaking violently as a terrier does to kill a rat. Guess which I was meaning.
      I dont know the song you mention, sorry.
      And a written story illustrated by aerial photos would be very interesting.
      hope your dog has rubber teeth.


      • Didn’t know that.
        I was a rat earlier this week, and gained some more understanding of what you go through, that is all I will say here.
        Thanks for the SSA dream, I will return
        the email.


      • Is that why … ???
        Its so hard being a Black Dog.

        I thought the double meaning of “worry” jumped right out. But then I know of instance such a one saved my life. Or so I was told the next morning.


      • My punctuation was … not normal. I felt the question of it, but also that “it’s hard being a Black Dog” as a statement.
        Its something not to be spoken of, this Black Dog thing. And yet it is in out there in many places. Can’t help but bark a little. It seems you know them.
        Nothing wrong with giving them a little worry in return. They enjoy the game.


  2. Ah, worry. I seem to have more than my fair share of it these days… or that’s what I tell myself.
    What I also tell myself, is that like every other time worry has come for an unwelcomed visit, it passes, and even when it’s worst comes true, we find our way through…
    Wishing you the best…


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