Masquerade ~ who am I?




When I was young I could not see

That there was any way to be

The real person I am inside.

It wouldn’t do; I’d have to hide.

Now I see it is my task:

Imagine life without the mask,

To be each day as best I can

That real person I know I am.

This means in truth that I would be

Daily naked for all to see.

Like hermit crabs inside their shells

We each of us protect ourselves

The core inside remains the same

Hidden safe and free from shame.

Only lovers can bear to be

Exposed to each other, in honesty.

12 thoughts on “Masquerade ~ who am I?

    • To be emotionally naked is harder than the physical nakedness of body, and the risk is even greater. yes. love is surely the answer.


  1. Beautiful ! strange that we can cross that line of fear only with those we love. Otherwise we all wear our masks. Perhaps we only remove them in the presence of those we feel who won’t judge us..


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