6 thoughts on “Time to talk ~mental health taboos?

  1. I remember seeing this ad on TV and thinking how wonderful it was to see it mentioned in such an open arena. Mental health in the workplace is such a tricky issue – whom do you tell and when and how – and if you are off sick and you don’t say why, how do you handle it on your return? Sometimes the reaction of colleagues can be the very worst part. I once went to see my boss after weeks of trying to pluck up the courage, because I knew there was a chance I was going to need some time off in the not too distant future. After sitting hmming and hahing I finally splurted out that I was bipolar and the first thing she said was “you’re not going to stab anyone, are you?” I think she meant it as a joke, and if it had been on some Chris Morris skit it might have been amusing. For me, it wasn’t. I’ve never “disclosed” to a boss since. Which means the next time I have to take time off I’ll have a whole load more anxiety piled on top of the illness.


    • People I work with know on a superficial level about my illness but I don’t think they know what it really means. None have seen me at my worst because I hide.
      I also don’t have the chance to take time off as I work to assignments not for a salary; if I take time off, I simply get no money. So the time taken to try and deal with things before a meltdown occurs is simply not possible. I’m more and more aware that I am finding it harder and harder; a mega migraine at work a week or two back alerted me to how stressed it makes me, but so far the classroom meltdown hasn’t happened.
      I also find people’s reactions very difficult to deal with. The count-your-blessings bunch really make me angry and those who react with incredulity puzzle me.
      I do hope that you can at some stage be able to speak to a boss who understands so that this anxiety doesn’t add to your load.
      Thanks for visiting, Dan.


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