7 thoughts on “The view from here

  1. I feel like that today.

    Who was the sailor who grabbed his oar and walked inland far enough from the sea that someone looked at the oar and said, “What’s that?”

    Was it Ulysses?

    *Off to find my oar*

    • I posted this last night just before I went to bed; I travelled most of the way across France yesterday(having done a fair tour of England in the late hours of the previous day) and am at a hotel in Poitiers. I’m here for work, but since I have internet at the hotel, I thought I’d share afew things while I am here.
      The trouble was, I was so tired, having used all my energy doing the photo, I was unable to think what to write!
      I love the Ulyyses thought.

  2. am at a hotel in Poitiers

    Ah! That explains it. I thought for one moment that you were trying to deceive your loyal readers into believing that this photo of exceeding tidiness wass of your desk at home.

  3. I have been working in the office for long periods of time this week. So ,I come to your blog for a respite and you have nothing to offer but vampires, a desk and a computer.
    I have had my fill of those This week.

    I hope you get enough rest .


    • @ Mark, sorry!! You might feel better to know that I am actually at work, Thursday began on WEdnesday night and when I took that pic, I’d been on the go for 36 hours. I had a long day yesterday and we had some problems so it was a very stressful evening, Friday.
      Off today on another excursion and I’m back in the UK on Tuesday. I am very tired now, but I will have lots of pics and tales to share before long!!
      @Madpriest, as if I’d do that!!

      • I remember from other times how you have a killer schedule when you do this stuff.
        I am glad you shared the picture and your words.
        I damaged my empathy a while back and it still has some rough edges 🙂

        You know I can’t stand vampires 😉

      • I’m not keen myself which is why I was happy with this clip as Buffy finished this scumbag off!!!
        I’m very tired; we had some problems yesterday with kids and it took a long while to sort out. Going bowling tonight, which I hate but I don’t have to bowl 🙂
        more to come!!

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