Museums of the World ~ Museum of Perfume Bottles

I’m going to start collecting pictures of museums, especially unusual ones and the following one I found in La Rochelle. I didn’t go in, largely because I was unsure if there was an entrance fee and I had a humungus backpack on and was sure I’d break things….

I collected perfume bottles in my dim and distant youth; I have some rare and possibly valuable ones hidden away. I wish I’d dared to go in…but I am sure the museum would have been relieved that I didn’t. Bulls in china shops are nothing in comparison…..

(edit: for all those who happened here trying to find Perfume museums of the world, try googling the Fragonard one in Paris. I know it exists as I drove past it )

10 thoughts on “Museums of the World ~ Museum of Perfume Bottles

    • Very kind of you, Jane dear.
      I don’t do memes or awards, though, so do excuse me. I always felt it would set a precendent I wasn’t happy to continue with, so while some I am tempted by, I just have to say no to all. I’m sure you understand what I mean!


  1. You have to go in there someday.
    It will be better because you had to wait.

    I can picture you raking down whole shelves with that back pack.
    I really hope you get to return like on a holiday.



  2. Maybe I’ll catch you on the Antiques Road Show! Oh wait, my TV was such an antique it died and has not been replaced. If you ever are on the show and it airs in Canada, let me know so I can tune in!


    • My great aunt was on the show, one of those ones that gets repeated as a great moment, with her “teapot” that turned out to be a 17th century punchpot worth enough to buy a house.


      • I cannot help but tear up when I watch those discoveries. Perhaps I dropped a tear or two over your great aunt! I would have done so if she seemed, even remotely, as though she could use a few quid!


      • It was one of that sort yes. She was able to buy her own council house with the proceeds from the sale. She died last year in her 90s.


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