A Box of Dreams ~ a poem about rediscovering your dreams

A box of dreams

I packed my dreams away,

Deep in a faded chocolate box

Filled with precious memories,

Theatre programmes and broken beads.

I layered them with lavender

To keep away the cosmic moth

And I forgot I’d ever dreamed.

One night I rose from sleep,

Left my body warm in bed,

And crept up the hidden stair

To find the forgotten place

Where cobwebbed windows

Filtered moonlight onto dusty boards.

Amid the cracked records,

The rags of triumphal dresses

And other detritus of my life,

I heard the strangest sound,

Like stars singing in a frozen sky.

The box lay where I had left it,

And when I could bear to look inside,

Instead of shreds and tatters

I found treasures bright with starlight,

Memories gilded by the sun of years,

And my dreams as I had left them,

Untarnished and unworn by time

10 thoughts on “A Box of Dreams ~ a poem about rediscovering your dreams

  1. Sounds like this is a common image in our dreams….I had a dream like this as part of a far more complex dream which I remembered in detail and documented, about a year ago. My box was full of trinkets and memories, which were at risk of being plundered!


    • I wrote this a good few years ago, but come back to that box and the singing stars quite often, when setbacks make me shelve hopes and dreams.
      Glad you liked it Greta!


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