Ties that Bind ~ a poem about love

Ties that bind

What are the ties that bind us?
Perhaps for some, like Marley’s chains,
They are forged link by link
Of heavy frozen steel
To weigh down butterfly wings
And hearts that would be away,
As sure as nail through foot
Would anchor us to earth.
The ties that bind should rather be
Ribbony tassels tied to the rag-tree,
Love-knots given as fairings
To a beloved who will treasure
Each and every bright strand
Long after the satin strips
Have all faded and frayed.

13 thoughts on “Ties that Bind ~ a poem about love

  1. I absolutely love an relate to this poem.

    I see you have lulu poetry on your homepage, do you know why they shut down? I had poetry on that site and was notified of their ‘going out of business’.


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