Doorways ~ an open and shut case?

This one?

or this one:

“Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage we did not take towards the door we never opened into the rose garden. My words echo thus in your mind. But to what purpose  disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose leaves I do not know.”

T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton (Four Quartets)

6 thoughts on “Doorways ~ an open and shut case?

  1. Definitely the first one – the second looks so closed up and unwelcoming (to me). I have been at a seminar in a church for the last four days and every morning when I arrived I saw first your second door and had that moment of feeling I was in the wrong place, nothing was happening inside. Then I went round to the other side and discovered another world. The first picture also reminds me of my (illegal) trip to Burnt Norton with this wonderful amazing American woman we met on a bus who found it for us (now long since dead). I have a photo of us peering in to the derelict building through windows framed by overgrown shrubbery.


    • They’re both from the same place, Blickling Hall in Norfolk. The second door I think is very unwelcoming, and I often feel that a great deal of my life is that door.


  2. I feel I would have to be quiet and conforming going through the first one, but, as a family member barging in to the second one, a secret from outsiders, I could be robust and full of joy.

    Since you know the building, that may have no bearing on the reality of the place! 🙂


    • In fact you are totally right Amy.
      The first door is a summer house door any member of the public could walk through and the second a locked door only used by staff at Blickling Hall, a stately home we visited a few weeks ago.
      Doors fascinate me endlessly. I have been bashing my head against certain metaphorical doors for years.
      am thinking now of the Biblical phrase, I stand at the door and knock……
      and Holman Hunt’s Light of the World.


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