Meditating With Aromatics ~ A Unique Interactive Project That Grows

Meditating with Aromatics ~ a unique interactive project that grows

Over the last year I have published a number of meditations that use fragrance as a starting point and the intention has been to write an entire book of them. After much thought I decided that I would start by making the meditations available during the process of writing the book and publishing it in stages.

There’s a few good reasons for this. The first is that it gives me a greater incentive to write them. The second is subtler. Making a book available during its creation rather than when it is a finished
product would normally be the very last thing I’d ever do but this is

It’s different because I want the readers to be involved in the creation. How often have you read a book and wished to ask the writer to do something different? Ask for instructions to be clearer or more detailed? Or make a personal request? This time you can.

Meditating with Aromatics is a work in progress that you can help shape as it is written. You can request that I write a meditation for a fragrant substance that has special power for you. You can suggest scents I may not have considered. You can try them out and let me know what would work better for you.

I have made the booklet free to download from Lulu, but as they have no stats counter for free downloads, all I ask is that if you do
download it, you let me know that you have done so, and that if you pass the link to others, they let me know if they have. That way I have a good idea of the scale of my readers and their reach. I’d also be delighted if people bought the paper copy. I am actually very proud of how it looks and feels. Each time I update it, a new
revision will be created until the final product is completed but
it’s not going to break the bank at this stage to buy a copy. I am
smugly delighted with my cover design showing a beautiful English
garden in full summer glory.

So buy or download, pass it on to anyone who meditates, and let me know what YOU want. There aren’t many books that are truly written for the reader’s benefit, so take advantage of this and get involved. I’d also be immensely grateful if you would repost, Facebook, blog, tweet and retweet and mention whenever you feel it’s appropriate because reaching the people who might benefit from this project is going to be as interactive as the writing of the book itself. Thank you all in advance.

14 thoughts on “Meditating With Aromatics ~ A Unique Interactive Project That Grows

  1. what a lovely idea! tons of luck with that 😉

    I love the scent of roses, nutmeg, cotton sheets that have been dried outside…..oh, will probably have to go and compile a list now!


    Ali x


    • oooh gosh, sheets, I had forgotten those. It’s not the same with modern detergents, but I use soapnuts so there is no fragrance involved so my cotton smells….line fresh or a hint of soap from the soap stash I store in my linen drawers.
      thanks Ali.


  2. I have a thing for the scent of violets and this Crabtree & Evelyn perfume called Nantucket Briar (it may be the bergamot – I love bergamot). Oh, and cedar.


    • I have a plan for a violet meditation and also one for rose and for cedar but not bergamot. Will think on that one.
      thanks Karen.


    • Well, if you take the free download, both of those are included in the table of contents. I was envisioning something quite hippyish for Patchouli(one of my own favourites: there is a brand of cheap’n’cheerful French perfumes I buy that has one that is vanilla troublante(troubling vanilla) which has patchouli in as well)
      I love freesia but so far my only idea for it is a traditional florists shop setting for the meditation.
      Thanks for the suggestions, Anne. Will take them on board.


  3. Viv, I love the smell of the new leaves on a tree that can be called a Poplar, Popple or Aspen. The scent is specific to that tree. When my best friend and I hike in the Spring, we know immediately when we are near THE tree. We rub the leaves on our faces and hands! I wonder if there is a name for scent. Do you know – just by any chance?

    (This spring I brought home a sprig for my office where I indulged with glee until the poor leaves began to die!)


  4. So you are doing it.
    I will order the paper book but a quick scan of the download tells me that THE guinea pig wishes to make guinea pigs
    of us all .

    alternate title:
    How to whiff friends and influence piglets

    Warm summer pond water for me . I love the idea of line fresh cotton. There is a scent that takes over your clothes when you stay in the woods all day…….

    best wishes on this project


    • I am.
      I think that two requests for line fresh cotton is overwhelming evidence for the need for that one. I’d have to experience the smell of clothes from the woods myself because that one is out of my ken, to be honest. Pinewoods or broadleaf forest?
      and thank you so very much for buying the book.


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