Roseberry Topping ~ a poem about conquering fear

Roseberry Topping

(July 2006)

The last time I stood here,

I did not stand at all:

I crouched, turning my back

On the view I’d come to see,

Fingernails seeking purchase

On scarred beige rocks.

This time, I stand proud,

Nervous still but upright,

Stray strands of hair

Whipping wildly in the wind

Like prayer flags in temples

Straddling the spine of the world.

My knees tremble, it’s true,

But it’s from the climb itself

And not the visceral terror

Of being so very high.

Ten years, near enough, gone by

Like days of sunshine,

And  I’m older, stronger, wiser,

And much less afraid.

6 thoughts on “Roseberry Topping ~ a poem about conquering fear

  1. One day, in my late thirties, I discovered a terrible and sudden fear of heights. The fear was a thief. It stole my invincible spirit that enjoyed seeing forever.

    I will have to test it, but I believe its grip is somewhat lesser. I took friends to a look-out on top of a mountain and I don’t remember feeling fear. I was so determined to take photos of them that I may have distracted myself.


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