Woadworks ~ using Nature to bring well-being AND beauty.

Woadworks ~ using Nature to bring well being AND beauty.

People who know me well know I have had a lifelong passion for all things herbal. I’ve studied informally both the medicinal and cosmetic
properties of herbs and my study shelves are heavily skewed towards
herbals. I bought my first herbal when I was about 12, having messed about boiling up stuff like nettles to make hair rinses and suchlike, and I’ve planted and left behind a good number of gardens.

Though I do make my own products from time to time, what has completely eluded me has been a shampoo that ticks all the boxes. I suffer from a sensitive scalp that flares up at nothing and becomes sore and itchy and then flakes everywhere to such an extent I can’t wear black. I’ve spent a small fortune over the years trying every product on the market with limited success. I found one bar that helped my scalp but made my hair itself dull and lank. My hair is my crowning glory, my one physical beauty and I am vain when it comes to my hair.

I came across Woadworks via Twitter and after an initial chat with
Sandie, the creator, I was delighted to receive a sample of the
hair-bath made with nettles, neem and tea tree oil for tetchy scalps.
Not to put too fine a point on it, this worked so well, I bought a
full sized bottle and a second bottle of a rather wonderful
honey-scented hair-bath, filled with such joys as chamomile,
safflower and you guessed it, honey as a second one to use when my scalp isn’t playing up. Not only do the hair-baths get your hair
clean, they leave it soft and shiny and well conditioned without the
need to use a separate conditioner, something I usually need by the
gallon. Mine is the kind of hair that breaks brushes….

The added advantage of the hair-baths is that your hair seems to stay cleaner for longer; often shampoos seem to strip the scalp of oils and the poor old scalp works every harder to compensate.

I’ve still got to try and work my way through the other products in the Woadworks stable, but going on what I have already tried, I can
expect sheer loveliness to come. All the products are made with love
and expertise and most of the ingredients are either wild-crafted or
organic. They are also created with great understanding of nature and of symbiosis. They’re also not expensive, certainly compared with other premium products but if you are used to buying your haircare products from the own brand Boots or supermarket ranges, they may seem pricey. Believe me when I say they far exceed even the premium products I have already tried, including Neal’s Yard, L’Occitane and many others. You get what you pay for, really.

Sandie is always very helpful and can advise on what product may suit your skin/hair best so if in doubt, email and ask.

(note: this review is not an advertisement but a sharing of a set of
products that I have personally found to have helped me. I hope they might help you or at least give you some enjoyment!)


One thought on “Woadworks ~ using Nature to bring well-being AND beauty.

  1. Hi Viv,
    I like this a lot!
    I think it is great that we now have a platform to express appreciation for products that are not mass-market. I am fairly certain that natural products are the way to go whenever possible, it’s nice to find out more about what is out there! I wonder after all that your issues may be a reaction to chemicals which all of our commercially made beauty products are full of.
    Thank you for sharing. I will be looking into this.

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