Dog Days

Dog Days

Where did my summer go?

Lost in a whirl of passing days

Eaten up by anxiety

Consumed by confusion?

Summer ends as it began, silently,

Slowly, the greens fading

From brilliance to buff

Becoming at first tired and jaded,

Ragged at the edges,

The freshness of spring

Dried and hardened to leather.

The sun changes from the silver-gilt

Shining of May-time joy

To a brassy, aching shade

That burns and wearies the eyes.

Fermenting windfalls draw the wasps

Who feast amid drunken butterflies

Gorging themselves on over-ripe pears

And cider-smelling apples.

The harvest is all done;

Rough with stubble, empty fields

Await the blade of the plough

And the screaming gulls.  

2 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Oh no, Viv – don’t forecast that summer’s over just yet! It’s still yet August…even if it did have a mix of feelings and responses, it’s still here….hope all is well. xx


  2. Fall is my favorite anyway.

    I love those wasps and drunken butterflies ,they do seem almost mad
    near the end.
    I love the brassy shade although I never thought of it that way.
    “Light in August” has to be one of the best book titles.

    My job gets easier,pests get ready to go back in the ground but soon
    ……no more swimming in the pond 😦

    So maybe all that confusion and anxiety will fall to the ground and mix in with the leaf litter.
    I hope it does, I really do.


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