Water lily


6 thoughts on “Water lily

  1. Beautiful image – wonder where it is? Reminds me of my favourite garden which is now no longer open to the public and the last time I saw it, was desolate – but I have an image not unlike this one forever in my mind.

    • It was at the Samye Ling Tibetan centre; I was trying to add a short post but for some reason wordpress was not playing soI gave up and just posted the picture alone.
      I had intended to explore the lotus flower in Buddhism but that’ll have to wait till I am home again and able to use my pc rather than my tiny netbook.

  2. makes me want to run a plastic worm over them 🙂
    I have caught some nice bass in stuff like that.

    have you ever seen the Sailor Moon anime?
    the lotus flower pops out of your head and your “star seed ” is revealed

    what am i
    a redneck ?
    a teenage girl ?

    ha ha

    thanks Viv

    • You are welcome Mark.
      Sorry I’ve not been able to post properly and continue the serial Lost but I am away from home and my netbook seems to be harder to use and WordPress has been awkward!!

  3. I find it amazing how a single flower, image, scene… can resonate and bring forth a tranquillity. thank you for sharing this… i needed it today

    • There were important things I wanted to say about lotus flowers but WordPress wasn’t working with my netbook, so it will have to wait till I get home from hols.
      But so happy it helped you.

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