“Remember, anywhere there is beauty, the predator shows up” ~ Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

 Today’s offering is not my words but those of someone whom I have immense respect for, whose books and words have inspired millions. I wish I could say Dr Estes sent this to me personally, but as I “like” her on Facebook, her words landed right on my page, right when I needed them. I believe in synchronicity, and so I am sharing her words with you in the belief that someone out there needs to hear this as much as I did.

“Dear Brave Souls:

When faced with uninvited intrusions, aggression or/and attempts to put down, destroy, ridicule or harm, rebuke anywhere in the world… this is my advice to your soul from mine: Be not afraid, and proceed in love…. and clear boundaries.

Just because a person appears desperate to spar with, correct, rebuke, provoke in words or deeds… you are not required to respond just because they set up a tottery ring, ill-woven ropes and have dressed themselves up  in their satin shorts … hoping to snag someone, anyone, who will enter into ‘fight arousal’ with them… via their trying to provoke a fight by complaining, criticising, condemning, attacking, cursing others without  respect for other souls’ humanity and desires for peace.

Draw a bright white line when necessary, for you have calling and work to do in the world and be not detoured by those who want to engage you in a circular firing range in order to fill their own lives up with animus. Your blood and intentions are to be kept for yourself. Be not hesitant. Be clear.

Go on with your work, undivided. Remember that the world is in such need of your kind touch; there is already an overage of pointless debate that transforms no one. Turn toward the transformative, and decline the gaggle that goes nowhere, but only brightens the aggressive one and makes all others pale as though drained by a hungry ghost.

As I’ve written to you before, as you follow your callings: Question unkindness, but be kind if/as you can. Question cruelty, but be not cruel without necessity. Question hatefulness, but be not hateful. Question condemnation, but do not condemn, only note the differences in tone and timbre and which you prefer. Do not engage to try to shame or change another who is cruel, rather only make a statement of your light, so that others who come, others who see, others who overhear, will be able to find their way through a bit more… because you lit the way through a darkness.

Remember, anywhere there is beauty, the predator shows up. That this occurs is not remarkable, rather that this occurs means all the more reason for your light to be brought forward in love and insight… and clear boundaries to shelter your gift(s). Your precious one of a kind light… for a moment, for a time, for a while, or for forever is the center, and That Which stands behind in Goodness… you will be guided.

Attend to the fact that all the creatures of the forest have their ways of not only surviving, but of thriving. Choose the latter way whenever possible. The creatures of the forest, the veldt, the desert, the mountain, the rivers, do not linger with those who prefer being ‘right’ over letting live and let live. There is enough territory for all to inhabit in peace… It is a choice.”

14 thoughts on ““Remember, anywhere there is beauty, the predator shows up” ~ Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  1. These are good words and I love “that this occurs is not remarkable”.
    We cant learn to deal with all that stuff too well until we realize that it is a given.

    I am so negative that half way through I imagine one of the awful kind of predator people reading this and thinking of the good
    folk as the trouble maker and feeling great about continuing to be a jerk forever. Then I decide that I may be such a person .
    What’s that ….light at the top of this hole.
    Where’s my shovel?

    thanks Viv


  2. Beautiful words. More light from Dr Estes. Thank you for this..timely as all heck for me and now I can breathe better. Crazy how things show up when you think all hope is gone.


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