The Wild Hunt and Other Tales

Today is Candlemas or Imbolc, as well as the 1st of February. It’s the day when people celebrated the very first signs of spring. Imbolc or Oilmelc means sheep’s milk and it is indeed at this time of year that the first lambs are born (some are already born!) and the flow of milk really starts. It’s also the time when we start to notice the return of the light; indeed Alfred the Great decreed that after this day no candles were to be used at milking either morning or evening. In theory there is now light enough for this twice daily task.

It’s one of those new beginning kind of days. About five years ago I went to a ceremony where one was supposed to set one’s intent for the year ahead and while I giggled through a lot of it, I in my turn marched to the centre with my lit candle and declared my intent for the year to be invincible. This provoked much comment later at coffee after the ceremony, but I’ve never changed from that intent and I’d like to reaffirm my decision to let nothing permanently discourage me!

So over the last few days, in preparation for today I wondered what to do. I’d had a thought for releasing some short stories and I decided to just go for it. All my other ebooks I have had my beloved at hand helping me get something sorted, and this time I decided I shall do it without assistance and maintain my invincible stance.

It turned out not to be as hard as I feared.

There are six stories in this little collection, some familar to long term readers of this blog and one completely new. All the tales are spun around a theme of ancient beings, whether deities, demi-gods, archetypes or others, somehow still interacting with the modern world, and with modern people.

I’ve had to classify it in fantasy and fairytales because I couldn’t think of anywhere better to list it! I’ve also priced it as low as it is possible to price it.

I should mention that if you don’t own an e-reader, you can download a Kindle app for free and then can read a Kindle book on any pc, tablet or even on your phone.

Anyway this is my wish for this Spring for myself: to be invincible still.

(If you are in another country that has Amazon, put my name into the search and you ought to find the book there. I don’t really expect to sell any in non-English speaking countries, though!)

4 thoughts on “The Wild Hunt and Other Tales

  1. I am reminded of a little tale I told yesterday [because I was thinking of now being the new year]: I was remembering being at a slightly new agey gathering and we were asked to say what our wish for the next year…mine was to giggle more. It caused just as much a silence as when I went to a smart dinner party [being wriiten up for the daily mail] and mentioned I was moving – to a rather down at heel part of the city. Anyway I giggled yesterday when the dog got his whole head up into the chicken house, but was stuck.
    Trouble is that days like today do make me feel invincible/foolfoolhardy give me a dangerous edge – the possibility of the flip side of depression…that’s whay I have said that today seems to be imbolc/the begining of spring – the sap is rising. just have to observe myself and keep myself in check. Though a bit late for one or two things I’ve done today.
    today has me [re]turning to Blodeuwedd work…
    finally it was nice to find you at Free Man in Powys earlier today

    I do have to stop buying books at the moment as i need to pay of my debt accrued doing an M.A


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