Time Travel for beginners



History does not repeat itself

Or give edited highlights

For those in the kitchen at the time

Making a cuppa during the ads.

It doesn’t go in circles either

Though it feels that way sometimes.

No. Time moves in careful spirals

Like bedsprings coiled and compressed.

We can look across to other curves,

See both past and future

Caught in the coils of time

At parallel points but not the same.

So deja vu and premonitions

Are echoes of ourselves

Vibrating across the spirals of time

Giving that queer tugging at the heart

That speaks of the mysteries of life

And offers only ourselves as answers.


3 thoughts on “Time Travel for beginners

  1. I remember the first time the spiral metaphor came to me…I mean the precise time. On the floor of my tiny 8 ft x 8 ft room in college (the bed was a loft above my head)…I was painting …experimenting because painting has never been my medium…but having fun…a spiral came out of me onto the paper and so did thoughts similar to what your share above…

    I also think about how with the spiral one gets to revisit and refine and understand more deeply similar things again and again…as we travel through life.


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