Summer’s End

Summer’s End

I have seen the stars fall

Piercing the clouds

With brief bright flames

White-hot and evanescent.

I have watched the moon rise

Pared to a mouse-nibbled cheese

By sunlit, lazy days

Of parched grass and airless nights.

I have felt the dew form

Heavier than rain, breaking

Drowned cobwebs with

Swollen crystal drops.

I have breathed the night wind

Laden with day-lost scents

Waiting only for the chill

Of dark descending.

I have heard the dip and splash

And beak-full calls

Of kingfisher, sweet surprise,

Where none were known to be.

And I have smelled Autumn air,

Fungal and fruitful fragrant

Amid leaf litter and windfalls

And drowsy gorging wasps.

6 thoughts on “Summer’s End

    • I was delighted to see a kingfisher in the beck in the next village; they have great significance for me. Not seen one for a good number of years, and that last time was in the centre of Cambridge, just by the Botanical Gardens, and was another surprise. I’d thought this beck the perfect habitat, you see, but not seen one. Friend who has lived here 40 years or so has never seen one and was very jealous!


      • It’s been years since I was close to a Kingfisher, with friends on a longboat in a quiet oxbow of the river Wey. We were sharing dreams and the heat had made us drowsy, and there it was – dipping and diving, sparkling blue and orange. It felt like a blessing. A vivid memory.


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