Half Light, Half Life


Half light, half life

Nothing complete,

Nothing finished,


Limbo-land lady

Stuck between

This place

And another.

Neither one thing

Nor the other.

A traveller stalled


Map lost

Memory gone,

Plans forgotten


6 thoughts on “Half Light, Half Life

  1. Your poem, in my humble opinion, is a good description of lives and living “in between times.” Again, IMHO, all of us have one foot in heaven and one foot in the world. We are waiting for the moment when the world aligns with heaven and we are no longer straddling the two. Because we do have one foot in heaven, we experience moments of inspiration, wholeness, joy, love. These moments not only reassure but pull us toward God. But we are still waiting. The other side of having all the wonderful moments, is the awareness of how limited and sometimes depressing living can become. If I were an Eastern mystic, I would say we encounter the ying and yang of being. But being from the West, I see it as the give and take of relationship–and lived out in our own relations with others. We have friends who enable us to share light and love. And we have friends who may be toxic. The real friends are those who enable us to share light and love, and tolerate our moments of “shittiness” because their love for us is greater than whatever irritation, pain, hurt we might cause. It works both ways for us. Our dearest friends may not always act “friend-like” but overall our love and affirmation of that love make us “hang in there.” (Boy, this would make a good movie–if I had a story to pull it together. Either a comedy with poignant moments, or a Bergmanesque exploration of friendship. I can almost hear the Swedish dialogue.)


    • And now all I can hear is the Swedish Chef from the Muppets!!!
      Yes, as Lewis said, we are amphibious, beings of both spirit and flesh.
      I am working on pieces that I think reflect this sense of being-notbeing.
      Thank you for those thoughts; very deep and well expressed. xx


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