The Winter Queen, set to music!

If you enjoyed the Otherworldly aspects of Away With the Fairies, and The Wild Hunt, then you may well enjoy the Celtic Myth Podcast Show . I bumped into Gary and Ruth on Twitter and they really liked my poem, The Winter Queen.

Anyway, their winter show is extremely enjoyable and uplifting at this cold, dark time of the year, and they have done a wonderful, spine-tingling reading of The Winter Queen, with the music of Phil Thornton as evocative backing. I confess I was in tears when Gary (one of the presenters) messaged me on Facebook and I listened to the show, because it felt so lovely to have been included in this way. I’m probably a Celt by ancestry, but I am very much a Celt at heart whatever my blood might say.

Do download the show. The Winter Queen comes at around 35 minutes.

The words to the poem can be seen here:

7 thoughts on “The Winter Queen, set to music!

  1. Just listened to this: lovely sensitive reading of the poem, with accompanying track to enhance the words. Nicely done all round!


  2. Hiya Viv, I’m giddy to see your work honored (& performed) like this. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast. I hope this marks a good start to the new year; it certainly does for me. 😀


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