Quiet Progress

Just what I needed to read today!

Notes From The Snug

It’s raining again. And as the droplets fall heavy on the already-saturated earth, the ground itself starts to swell, forcing drowned dirt to seep out of flooded fields and across roads before congealing in sticky puddles; creating makeshift streams and temporary dykes out of any dent or decline that might suffice.

The weather hasn’t been nearly as bad here as it has been elsewhere but even so, the land has still suffered horribly, with large, ominious lakes appearing where there were once the green shoots of a crop. In confusion, flocks of geese have begun to gather on these spontaneous pools, making the most of the abundance of meeting points, honking their approval and delight while smaller wetland birds sheepishly inspect their expanded territory. Behind them, steadfast trees mark ancient tidelines – proof that they’ve seen this all before – and tufty reeds spring out of bursting river banks, a…

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2 thoughts on “Quiet Progress

  1. Oh, Vivienne, what are the chances? I have another blogger friend named Viv who is a Brit and lives in France. She is in her 70’s.I agree…I will only self-publish going forward. So good to meet you.

    • Us Vivs are uncommon creatures! This explains your comment about age, on your blog where Amy introduced us, which really puzzled me at the time, especially because I didn’t know you!

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