Stop the press! The Bet now available as a paperback!

Do excuse the excited tone but I wanted to share the fact that almost two years after it first appeared as an e-book. The Bet is now out in paperback.

I did a fair bit of hair tearing because it proved a bit tricky to get the print size right and the cost as low as I could. I wanted to make sure that the print was of a size that didn’t mean reaching for the magnifying glass but my first attempt, though glorious, was too big really and therefore cost more.

Then I discovered that the title and my name on the original cover picture done for my by the talented Andrew Meek wouldn’t work as the cut-off point where art gets trimmed when the book is produced was well into the lettering. Thankfully I had both the original picture and an earlier version of the cover. I am considering whether to find a new cover as I’m no longer sure this one gives the right message about the book, but for the time being, I’m content with this one.

The Bet is available from Amazon UK  and all other Amazon stores, just change the UK in the URL to .com, . de etc.

Jenny likes a challenge and Antony is the biggest challenge of her life….

“Boys like you get preyed upon,” Antony’s father tells him in a rare moment of honesty and openness, but Richard can have no idea just how vulnerable his eighteen-year-old son truly is. From a family where nothing is quite as it seems and where secrecy is the norm, Antony seems fair game to the predatory Jenny. Her relentless pursuit of him originates in a mean-spirited bet made with her colleague Judy, Antony’s former history teacher, who has challenged Jenny to track him down and seduce him.

Jenny is totally unprepared for Antony’s refusal to sleep with her or to have any sort of relationship other than friendship. She’s never met anyone quite like him before and her obsession deepens the more he rejects her. She’s no idea what he’s already been through and as far as she’s concerned it’s irrelevant.

Pretty soon, for both of them it becomes a much more serious matter than a mere bet and the consequences are unimaginable for either of them.

7 thoughts on “Stop the press! The Bet now available as a paperback!

  1. Viv, great news. I just ordered it, along with The Moth’s Kiss.

    I confess I also ordered a case of kippered herring to save on shipping.


  2. Thank you both so much. Can I ask whether you ordered from the UK or the US site? I’m trying to keep track of this as someone ordered from the US site and I’ve not seen the sale register on my account, though it did show in terms of the book’s ranking over there. There’s a delay from the US site, I think.
    Hope you both enjoy it!


    • The US site. I just checked my email confirmation to be sure. But with free shipping, it must be., LLC (LLC is a US term I think, for Limited Liability Corporation).


    • i used the UK site & there were some delivery fees to Australia – however I’m sure they will be well worth it. I think it’s important for a book to be well travelled…


  3. Thank you both. I had a friend in Alaska order it about 10 days ago and it hasn’t shown in my account yet. I’m just wondering how long it takes.


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