Take me deeper

Take me deeper

Take me deeper, I beg you.

I’m tired of paddling in the shallows,

Surrounded by squealing children

Wielding plastic buckets and spades,

Collecting sea weed and empty shells

And bright polished sea-glass

Mimicking treasure and gemstones

And barnacle-encrusted pirate loot.

I’m weary of the rock pools,

Their once-magical grottos

Of anemone and blennies

Are far too familiar now,

Their wonder dog-eared, faded.

There is no danger here,

Even nippy crabs or jellyfish stings

Do not daunt me.

Take me deeper, please,

Take me to where the Kraken

Waits, where the water turns

From blue to black

And light is lost.

Take me to where the wrecks rot,

And forgotten lands, drowned

By inundation and hubris

Still stand on ocean floor.

5 thoughts on “Take me deeper

  1. I had a dream in the 80s, of standing on a silvery disc of light floating on a dark sea. My therapist at the time asked me to dive into the dark waters. I met a huge wale in the depth and found myself looking into one of its eyes. It was full of love. Your poem reminded me of this dream. Thank you.


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