A sea of books

A sea of books

I set sail on the sea of books;

My fleet of novels

Bravely bobbing

Cover-sails fluttering

Amid a wind of acclaim.

Hope was not enough

Armour against the tides;

Their bright flags faded,

Tattered and ragged,

Ripped by the storms.

Then came the days

When piracy threatened

And every author cried

It’s a jungle out there!”

And eyed others askance,

Seeing fellows as rivals

And former friends as foes.

The sea became too busy,

Impossible to navigate,

Books thronged, thick as flies

On a week old corpse.

I called my books home

And weary and gratefully

They came back to harbour,

Hulks in a haven,

Safe from sinking and shame.

13 thoughts on “A sea of books

  1. Excellent – maybe you think about it all too much. You can just write your books and interact with a few other writers without getting involved in any politics or wrangles 🙂 I hope you still enjoy what you do x


    • Thanks. I think thinking too much is the prerogative of poets, philosophers and writers generally, though! Kind of goes with the territory, of digging deeper into the flesh till you get to the bone, and then chewing that till you get to the marrow.


  2. There could be no shame in the books and writings from your pen.

    Although I too have felt that my words were placed on the ocean only to be swept away by the storm and threatening skies. It really is good to come back home in the Safeharbor.

    Michael J


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