Things of Winter Beauty and Wonder: Advent Day Nine

Day 9

The singing of the stars

Every evening, after feeding the cats, cuddling and feeding the guinea pigs, I step outside into the garden to see if the food put out for hedgehogs has been eaten (I don’t really mind what eats it!). For the last week, it seems the hedgehogs are all asleep. They do wake from time to time during the winter so it’s important to leave food for them even when you think they may be asleep.

But it’s become something I like to do, so I can look up at the sky for a few moments and contemplate infinity and the sheer beauty of the night sky. Over the years, on very rare occasions I have heard the stars sing. That’s the closest I can come to putting into words this experience, because it’s not music in any sense you’d usually hear. It’s a pure clear song, like being bathed in liquid light, and defied normal sensory language. I do not know what the origins of it might be (it’s not tinnitus, by the way) but it’s something that is extremely powerful when it happens. If it happens, it tends to be in remote places, far from the bustle and noise of a town, and the most common place for people to have reported experiencing it is in deserts. For me, it has been on winter nights, often when there is snow lying on the ground and the temperature is dropping fast.

I think that though it has been a rare experience, it is one that comforts me and which gives me hope that we are not alone in this universe and that I, as Vivienne, am not valueless and of no importance.


6 thoughts on “Things of Winter Beauty and Wonder: Advent Day Nine

  1. How inspiring! Your story reminds me of how important it is to listen closely and not just see. In ancient times (not sure how ancient–maybe the Greeks, maybe in the Renaissance), they talked of the “music of the spheres” with reference to the Heavens. I guess you are hearing it!

  2. Hi Viv. I have certainly enjoyed your Advent Essays. Have you ever read Mary Stewart’s trilogy on Merlin? She talks about the stars singing, too.

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