Things of Winter Beauty and Wonder: Advent Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen


During the winter months hot drinks are even more important than at other times of the year, especially if you aren’t in full health. They can restore normal body temperature and keep you hydrated. Being a Brit, I love my tea but during the winter, most days I enjoy a mug of chai tea too. Chai (made the British way rather than the Indian way) is slightly spicy, with cinnamon, cardamoms and other delicious additions to the usual black tea, served usually with milk and sugar/honey. It’s warming and cheering; the spices have mild medicinal properties too so if you are feeling below par, chai might give you the extra fillip of ooomph to keep going and to help your body fight any bugs you might be subject to. You can buy chai tea bags too, for convenience; tea merchants Twinings do an excellent version. There are often also specialist Christmas teas that are really versions of chai, but marketed at the seasonal shoppers. If you like tea, give chai a chance to warm and cheer you on a chilly, dull, dark, dank winter day.

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