Raven & Vulture perform the funeral rites

Raven & Vulture perform the funeral rites

I look out of the window to see that a black dress or long shirt has been laid out on the lawn, much in the manner of old, where laundry was dried on grass for the bleaching and cleansing effects of sunshine and grass on cloth. I think, the day is drawing to a close so I better bring it in before it becomes damp with the falling dew. As I look I see birds landing; two black vultures and two ravens. They approach the garment, and after looking at it for a moment, they ceremonially start to fold it up, and I see that there is something lying inside the fabric. It looks like a white dog or pig, but I cannot see its head or feet to be sure; it may be a lamb. The birds wrap it as if they are putting it into a shroud for burial, much as I have done with beloved pets on their deaths, wrapping them in their blanket or a towel.”

This was my dream a few nights ago, and I have been haunted by it ever since. While I was away in Austria, I saw my first ever raven in the wild, flying across the valley, kronk kronk kronking as it flew. The village where I was staying has a raven in its coat of arms, a raven holding a diamond ring, from a folk tale or legend of the area, and the book I was reading while away, Marie-Louise Von Franz’s Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales, mentioned ravens several times. Both raven and vulture are associated with the Shadow, and with death, rebirth and other themes. But even knowing this, I am baffled by this dream and deeply disturbed to the point that I am scared.

7 thoughts on “Raven & Vulture perform the funeral rites

  1. I am sorry you feel deeply disturbed to the point of being scared. I am sure dreams carry great significance for us, and new insights can threaten our status quo and disturb us before bringing something beautiful to light and new stage in growth. I think it is normal to be scared (I know I often am!) – and good to acknowledge it – but if dreams bring us wisdom then the deepest, oldest, truest wisdom there is is that we are loved – and can never be separated from that love. I try to remind self of that when I feel disturbed. So I hope you feel, under and within the fear, and hopefully overcoming it, that bedrock of wisdom and unconditional Love, and the Peace that accompanies it, and that whatever change the dream may be speaking of – whatever death and re-birth – will lead to greater Joy and Insights.


  2. If it were my dream I would wonder at the care with which the Raven and Vulture are wrapping the white spiritual body, encasing it in the protective deep dark (body of the black dress) ready for the next stage of transformation. A time of rest and sleep before awakening again as a radiant being. Is some rest needed?


  3. From the point of view of this post’s future, it could be said to be portent of the dang awful year 2016 turned out to be. Or a far more goth version of Disney princesses getting help with the washing…


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