God 1

God 1

I do not want your slot machine god

Powered by caprice and uncertainty.

Nor do I want your vending machine god:

Pop in a prayer and out pops a reward.

I want the untamed god

Unknowable as the badgers

Deep in ancient yew woodlands,

Wild as the flight of goldfinches

Bathing exuberantly in a forest pool.

In one glimpse you see more of eternity

And the vast untouchable sweep

Of a deity too broad

To be trammelled by walls and words,

Yet tender to his creatures who

He holds cupped in his wounded palms.

10 thoughts on “God 1

  1. So powerful, Viv. Your images are perfect. Just before reading your poem, a red-tailed hawk landed on a railing outside my window. He focused on the birdfeeder as wind ruffling his feathers. His sharp eyes scanned for in-coming song birds. They’d already seen him, but I saw his wildness, his alertness, his intensity and sacred power. Just a glimpse before he flew over the field searching for prey. No song birds today.


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