It’s a Hobbit-style gift.

Hobbits give others gifts on their birthday, so because I was once (for the purposes of a correspondence that is itself worthy of a story one day) Lobelia Sackville Baggins, I have decided that to commemorate/celebrate my birthday, I’m having a flash sale for 24/48 hours of all my current novels. Each will be under £2, or local equivalent worldwide. The price changes will come in over the next few hours, so grab ’em while they’re low. There’s a page tab for each book at the top of this page, or you can just search in whichever Amazon you use.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Hobbit-style gift.

  1. This is Kindle/e-books? I’d like to read The Bet, but, I really don’t enjoy reading on Kindle … and your books are worth being paperbacks! However, I know getting hard copy versions is a faff … I am involved at present in trying to get mine re-issued, and in p/back.


    • Go for it. I would say that The Bet (and its unpublished sequels) is the best I’ve written so far in my life) It has a paperback too. I’ve got all now in paperback and Kindle but alas, there’s a bottom line of price and it can’t ever go as low as the Kindle prices can.


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