Bad form

I doubt I am alome in hating filling out application forms for jobs. Thankfully the one I am currently wrestling with is not too complex except for the fac that it asks for things like Reference numbers and department which the job specs and indeed the ad in the paper failed to give. Which means tomorrow I need to ring them up and ask them what they want me to put in those particualr boxes. My husband had remarked that NOT filling in that sort of thing can result in your application ending up in the bin, so even though I am fairly sure these are not important, I have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The other thing that bothers me is that the job was advertised on Friday and the closing date is this Friday. I only got the specs this morning and have only just finished my first run through of the form. Himself is going to go through it tomorrow and proof read it and make suggestions. Less than a week for a job application and the specs also said, to start as soon as possible, makes me think they might just be a bit desperate. Desperate enough to take me on? I ought to get an interview at least!