The Wellhouse Circle

Over the last couple of days I have been lucky enough to discover a kindred blog, different and yet with such resonance to my own here that I would like you to go and visit and explore The Wellhouse Circle  for yourself. It’s now on my blogroll.

Those of you who have recently clicked various blogs on my blogroll will have discovered that some have been deleted, some have been made private and some have gone dark(there’s been nothing posted for months). Those blog friends I have managed to contact have set my mind at ease about why their blog is either no more or is private, but not all. A few blogs I’ve been a visitor to but hadn’t had on my roll have also vanished. Some I know why, others I do not.

All the more reason to welcome a new blog to the world; the loss of several has left me heartsick and until that heals, their dead link will remain on the roll as a memorial. (yes, Mark, I am speaking to you!)

The Wellhouse Circle is filled with thoughtful writing, deep thinking and lots of questions.

Go and explore what it has to share with you.

Be well, all my friends. There’s something in the air at the moment that seems to be about self-destruction so please take care and keep blogging.

A book review

I just had a lovely review over at :

I am really rather chuffed!