Interview and give-away

I’m gearing up for surgery tomorrow but I thought I’d share this interview that Sonya did with me this week. For the very first time, I am offering a giveaway. There are 3 copies of The Moth’s Kiss in paperback up for grabs for those who comment at Sonya’s blog, so pop over and have a read and enter the competition:

I’m hoping to have a post  for Monday as usual but it depends how I feel. It also depends whether I’m home from hospital or not. I know I could schedule one but even after five years, I like hitting *publish* for a post.

Blinking in the spotlight ~ an interview with me

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Jorge Salgado-Reyes at the Indie Authors Press. It’s ever so slightly daunting being questioned by someone you know to be a private investigator (and the Dire Straits song Private Investigations was playing off and on in my head during the interview) but the results are enjoyable.

It was good to get a chance to review the writing process and also to get some exposure for the forthcoming novel Square Peg too.