Additions to the blogroll

I’ve been meaning to post this for some days but brain has sort of frozen due to the cold and the inactivity…

Two new poetry blogs to go and investigate:   (Mark) and (John) have been commenting here for a while now and I’d like to invite you to check out their blogs. Their poetry styles are quite different from each other but both are quirky and original and I have enjoyed their work. Poetry blogs generally don’t attract the kind of hits they should in a sensible world, when mommy blogs and recipe/food blogs do. Not at all sure why either of these phenomena should be so, but they are. Swim against the tide!

There’s a few blogs on my blog roll I am aware have gone dark for some reason. I’m leaving them up for the time being as it’s not unusual for people to take  a break or change blog provider, so if you are one and you still read this blog, let me know and I can change the address. Also, if you’re a regular here and you’d like to be on my blogroll, please tell me and I’d love to do so. There’s a couple of blogs I’d like to put on and I wasn’t sure yet if the blog-owners would like this. I’d hate to step on any toes.

Stories without Words

At the close of last week I was introduced to a very cool new blog that I just have to share with you all.

(See blogroll for link, this doesn’t seem to be working here!)
has a wonderful idea: presenting a daily picture and asking for writers, poets, songwriters, and essayists to write whatever that picture inspires in them. Now all the photos are extraordinary(and indeed the artists are often well-known or even very famous in this arena) and they are all happy to have their work used in this way. The owner of the blog, Roka, gains their permission to use their images and also moderates all offerings. The basic rules are: no profanity and no critiquing of the work of others unless specifically asked for.
I know that many of my readers are also writers so what better way of keeping the literary joints supple than a daily dose of flash fiction or poetry?
Go on over and have a peep; have a go too if you find a picture that gets your creative juices flowing.

Additions my blogroll that is!

I’m sometimes quite remiss about remembering to add to my blogroll when new friends come along; it’s a mixture of being too busy and letting it slip my mind. If you’ve been a regular visitor and I haven’t added yours, give me a gentle nudge.

Two new ones.

Wendy’s blog is a lovely place to have a browse as she makes lovely things using knitting and fabric. Very creative in a practical way that makes me wish I could knit decently: I get everything too tight after  a few inches and need someone to get it loosened for me.

Harold at sumnonrabidus writes about his own life and about the extraordinary condition(s) he experiences. I have experienced ONE episode of the condition hypergraphia, for a limited time; due to several factors, Harold experiences it most of the time. It’s a window into another world that many people may find interesting; I hope you do pop over as Harold has just started blogging( I think so?). 

I’m trying to get my head back together after a weekend away at my parents’ house, which is where I grew up. Every time I go, I find I am faced with a lot of issues that never seem to go away.

So bear with me as I need to go and rearrange my psyche for a little while.