Apologies to J for using a title of one of his posts but it’s the only title that fitted and in more ways than one…



When I was young I could not see

That there was any way  to be

The real person I am inside.

It wouldn’t do; I’d have to hide.

Now I see it is my task:

Imagine life without the mask,

To be each day as best I can

The real person I know I am.

This means in truth that I would be

Daily naked for all to see.

Like hermit crabs inside their shells

We each of us protect ourselves

The core inside remains the same

Hidden safe and free from shame.

Only lovers can bear to be

Exposed to each other,  in honesty.

No masks

I’ve been thinking about the masks we wear and particularly the artifical masks us ladies wear. OK, not all of us do but I tend not to feel right for the world if I don’t put on mascara in the morning. It comes down to having eyelashes that are almost white and feeling like I look like some sort of albino bunny rabbit if I don’t. But usually, mascara is about the only thing I wouldn’t give up using. The rest is a form of a mask.

I hate to see young girls of 13 or 14 with full foundation, blusher, shader and the rest, layered on with a trowel. I know some do it to hide acne, and that’s OK. It’s the ones who could never leave home without it, let a boyfriend see them bare faced that I feel sorry for.

I also hate to see women of any age wearing make up that might have suited them a few(or indeed many) years ago but doesn’t now. Especially women of a certain age, prone to hot flushes and sweating, should never wear shiny, sparkly make up during the day: it just looks like a sheen of sweat or grease. I do wonder if they look in the mirror and see the women they used to be and not what they are now. We change; our skin tones change, both as the year does, and as we age. Subtle changes sometimes that means you put on a colour that used to look good and suddenly doesn’t. If you have time, you find something else, but many don’t. I have a colleague who puts on lipstick without a mirror using the same technique as applying a stick of lip balm. Needless to say, the effect isn’t what she thinks it is.

I do wonder why women wear make up at all. To look better, to feel more confident? During WWII, lipstick and powder were rationed, but then taken off rationing because it was felt that being able to get some meant a morale boost. What woman hasn’t at some stage bought a new lipstick to cheer herself up?

But today, nothing. I chose to be barefaced all day.

No masks.

What about you?