Button Badge

The card my husband gave me for my birthday this year was a humorous one, and it came complete with a nice little button badge.

The badge reads:

“If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.”

Says it all really. We ignore so many things we ought to be angry or upset about in life; the big things, like war and famine, and the little things like work and friends and so on. We tune them out, constantly, to keep some sort of equilibrium, or to ensure we don’t turn into raving loonies.

I’m paying attention and boy, am I pissed off. With personal and global things. But because I am a venial and fallible human being, mainly with the personal. I’d like to think it’s because on some level I recognise that I have some chance of affecting the personal with a hope of changing things for the better.

But I SO want to wear my badge to work on Thursday…Is that so very bad of me??