Star Pilgrim by Simon Small ~ a journey like no other

 Star Pilgrim by Simon Small ~ a journey like no other

I’m not a book blogger but occasionally I like to review books that come my way that I think that others will enjoy. Linda (who I met on Twitter) told me about this book and I am indebted to her for doing so. I’d been looking for a book that drew me in and lifted me up, but one which was not filled with what I can only call schmaltz. I am struggling to find books which are unflinching, well written and do not conform to genres or types but which have a beneficial effect that seeps into you as you read. Star Pilgrim is such a book.

This is my Amazon review:

Star Pilgrim by Simon Small ~ how deep truths need to be wrapped into fiction.

Since my decision to read things that are outside the usual run of books, I’ve come across some extraordinary tales. I’ve had my antennae up for unusual stories and I was recommended this book by a Twitter chum. The odd thing was neither the title, the cover nor even the blurb appealed logically to me at all yet I felt a pull to buy and read it. I bought a copy, and when it arrived a few days later, I began to read within a few minutes. I spent most of the day reading it, so compelling was the book.
I’m not going to give any spoilers but so many elements resonated within me, from the innate spirituality of the main character Joseph to the wonderful character of Leola, whose nature and approach reminded me of a very dear friend of mine.
Simon Small has done a very haunting job of weaving a tale full of profound truths and mysteries and questions into an entirely readable novel, so that the process of approaching those deep matters does not become dusty, dry or dull.
I suspect that this is a book that ought not to be read by someone without at least a bit of spirituality or with antipathy to such but you do not need to be a believer, or a Christian to find the story poetically well-written and with a dramatic flow that sucks you into the plot, and deposits you gently back into reality at the end, changed in ways you might not expect.