Stalking and Twitter

I’m in a bit of a twitter…

My Twitter account says I have 7 followers. But only 6 appear on my list of followers. I haven’t received an email saying So-and-so is now following you.

What worries me(I’m in one of my mildly paranoid phases; I use the term very loosely) is whether it is possible to follow someone and NOT show up: ie stalking.

I’m not really stalk-worthy, to be honest. I’m not very exciting or interesting, which makes it all the more worrying that someone might actually be following me unseen. I have a modicum of understanding of someone stalking the rich, famous or beautiful but I’m none of these.

If anyone knows the answer to this question, I’d very much appreciate it. I’ve contacted Twitter with a request but it may take a while to resolve and if it goes on too long I will either a) forget it entirely or b) start watching out for a little red dot….

Edited at 11.05am

Well, phewee!!

The email had obviously been delayed. The new follower is some random girl whose interests are mainly shopping and hanging with the girls, and I have no clue why she wants to follow me…so I blocked her. I’m sorry, she might be a worthy person but I am not happy to be added like that without so much as a direct message introducing herself.

I guess I’m a tad old fashioned like that!