Thaw #smallstone 13


Thaw #smallstone 13


It’s still not warm but the change is still startling. I can sit in an unheated house, without needing two jumpers and feeling my fingers become chilled. I walked in the garden without wishing I had put a coat on. The ambient indoor temperature is comfortable even without the heating on.

On windowsills, sprouting bulbs in pots lean towards the light, yearning for the touch of sun. The green shoots of snowdrops shine with vibrant life. Hyacinth flowers still unopened seem paused for breath, and on the dining room table, oblivious of outside conditions, my jasmine plant opens bloom after starry bloom and fills the room with waves of exotic scent, making me think of Mediterranean gardens on summer nights.

It may be a temporary thing, but it might be enough to get me through to Candle-mas and the start of springtime.

Springing Green


Springing Green


Sap is rising:

Cut me and I’ll bleed green.

From the short sharp movements

Of winter’s economy, I move

Into languor and the lazier

Dance of spring.

Slow swaying hips

And wide striding legs,

I eat up the miles

Feet skimming the ground

Head in the clouds

(such as they are today)

And my eyes on the rising tide

Of butterflies and bumblebees

That have emerged from slumber

To mate, to forage and to live anew.

Cut me, and I’ll surely bleed green today.

For Sandie, a poem

For Sandie, a poem.
Spring came in the back door;
Tendrils of green sweetness,
Damp earth and cut grass
Flowing in on a cool breeze.
I'd expected Winter still;
Braced for the blast
Of frosty, sterile air,
I stood and sniffed.
Few signs were there;
The trees stood naked,
Twigs bare and hard,
No swelling of their buds.
But I could smell Spring,
Hear her in the birdsong,
Feel her in the moving sky
Where pink and blue mingled
With rain-soaked grey.
Winter, go home now:
The battle is lost
And Spring is winning.
I wrote the poem above for my friend Sandie, who lives in Detroit, and who finds winter as depressing as I do!!


Snowdrop’s eye view of Spring..




I had to get down on my tummy for this shot, bum in the air, and the soft mud seeped into my jeans and coat.

I have no idea what anyone would have thought, had they seen me but no one was about to see me pratting around trying to get a good photo.

The temperature today was maybe six or seven degrees above freezing but it felt like spring had sprung and there’s no going back now, whatever the weather throws at us…

Can I just say, “Yippeeeeeeee!”