A morning growl

I’m feeling grumpy this morning.

First reason: I got a text message a few minutes after I got up and was initially quite excited as it was from a friend who I don’t see very often even though she lives less than 3 miles away. When I read it, I was cross. It was one of those appalling chainletter style of texts that you have to send on to another 9 people for your day to be happy or some such rot. I was irritated because I am not complimented by being sent a mass text telling me I am beautiful, classy and strong nor am I likely to boost the coffers of my mobile provider by forwarding it to 9 more people. I was also disappointed in the friend, who has been very distant with me, and even deleted me on Facebook because I made comments that were not part of the sweet and nice universe she wants to live in. I never understood the whole chainletter thing and while I have sometimes forwarded email ones when they have been amusing, I’d never waste my money sending on text ones. I’m disappointed my friend has not bothered to think about it and realise it’s just another con. If she loves me, I’d far rather she just sent me an ordinary text saying hiya, how’s things.

The second thing that got my goat is that last night I unblocked my former boss on Facebook, on the principle that since she’s long since deleted me as a friend, it’s not important as none of my contacts are still in communication with her. Then this morning, I find another of my colleagues has added me as friend, and this one IS still in contact with the Goblin Queen. Other colleagues reckon she’s a spy but I’m not sure. If so, it’s an unwitting one. I did a quick check on my new “friend’s” page and sure enough, there was the Goblin Queen. So it was back to the settings page to reblock her. If my new friend then suddenly deletes me, then I shall know I was only added as a window into the company.

Both together it just makes me feel deeply disappointed in people. Surely we should be more advanced than the playground by now?