Buffy the Vampire Slayer versus Edward Cullen

Some times the good faeries are listening when I come up with ideas. I visualised this scenario a few years back and look what some clever clogs did. Made me laugh till my sides hurt.

The Vampire

I thought that given the recent subject matter, now would be a good time to resurrect(haha) this poem…

The Vampire

I'm a vampire, you know.
No tricks with blood:
That's so outdated.
Have you ever sat down
Suddenly ambushed
By exhaustion in a mall?
That was me,
Siphoning off your energy.
I eat garlic daily:
It's good for the heart.
I even wear a cross
And walk around in daylight.
Your best defence?
Knowing I am here.
I can see you now,
Glancing round uneasily.
I'd wave, but-
You might spill your drink.
What a waste.
You're not in any danger.
I just wanted you to know-
I'm watching you.


Energy Vampires


I was having a little scout around and I found this interesting article on a blog. I’ve had trouble with this phenomenon before many times and it’s strangely reassuring that it’s not just me imagining it. Someone I work with eats people up and spits them out; those who have been sampled, drained and discarded are at a greater remove from the poor saps who are lured into the magic circle to be fed upon at length.

I didn’t watch the videos this blog supplies but maybe you will, and let me know, but as I found the article balanced, I suspect the videos may be too.